Scottish Irish Clan Crest Badges

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Sterling Silver Scottish & Irish
Clan Crest Badges

Our hand crafted Scottish and Irish clan crest badges are made of solid sterling silver and painstakingly finished to a high lustre, fine jewelry quality. The detail, heraldic accuracy, finish and overall craftsmanship of the Scottish and Irish clan crest badges we have in stock is the finest available. We also make badges for Clan Chiefs, Chieftans, and Armigers as well as other specialty badges.

          Argentium Sterling
Our badges are made using the newest innovation in sterling silver alloy, germanium. Argentium sterling silver contains more germanium than traditional alloys making it much more tarnish resistant which means your badge will keep its beautiful sparkle much longer between polishings!

          No Clan Too Small

Over the past 30 years we have added over 150 different clans  to our line and continue to add new lesser known clans upon request. If you don't see your family or clan name listed don't hesitate to contact us.

Heirloom Quality

Each and every badge is made and engraved one at a time through a multi- stepped process not achievable by a simple one-step casting procedure.

The outer strap and buckle is struck from heavy guage sterling which then goes through the several stages of polishing necessary to bring out the full beauty and sheen of the sterling silver.

Each unique crest is carved then cast in three dimensional relief then soldered in the center to produce a truly heirloom quality piece of jewelry.

        Why Not Own the Best?

Why buy a sterling silver badge at all if it's not going to sparkle and shine like  sterling silver should? Own the best and let it shine like a beacon pinned to your balmoral announcing your pride of heritage every where you go!