Scottish and Irish Clan Badges
Handmade by The Company Jewelers

The History of Clan Crest Badges

Part of a Proud Scottish Heritage

Historians tell us that the wearing of crest badges goes back several hundred years. In the early years of the custom, the clan chief would give his followers a metal plate of his crest (a representative symbol such as a plant, animal and/or object). The crest plate was attached to the clansman's attire by means of a strap and buckle. Once removed, the strap and buckle would be coiled around the crest plate in display.

The crest badges of today, as represented in this catalogue, evolved from that early display of leather and metal with the addition of engraved mottos. This is the only form in which a clansman is permitted to display his chief's crest. Only the chief and his heir may wear the crest without the strap and buckle. You can search for your clan crest badge here.

Our Scottish Clan Crest Badges are hand wrought

There are over two hundred fifty clans and families on record.We have over 140 of their badges in our line, but only a portion are represented online. So if you cannot find your clan's badge, don't despair, we probably have it. If we don't have it, yours can be the first. No clan is too small.

As symbols of clan or family kinship, crest badges are as vital as the clan tartan as a means of showing your pride of heritage. The images portrayed in each crest, together with the fervor of the accompanying motto, says more of the clan and its unique history than any other article worn by the clansman. Shouldn't it be the best that it can be? It has been our desire to provide such a badge!