Scottish and Irish Clan Badges
Handmade by The Company Jewelers

Solid 14K Yellow Gold Crest Badges

After many requests over the years, we are now proud to offer the option to have your crest badge made of solid 14K yellow gold!

The cost for a 14K gold crest badge as pin or pendant is currently $1800 (plus S&H& Ins.) based on the current gold market price of $1260.

Naturally, we will need to adjust this price according to how the market goes so order your 14K Crest Badge today while the price of gold is down!

When the cast center crest is soldered in place the finished badge weighs approximately three quarters of an ounce, making it a substantial and beautiful piece of jewelry.  

To order please email me your information to or call me at 678‑427‑2167 and I will prepare an invoice for your approval.

Don Kimble - Owner/Craftsman

gold badge


Just received the [solid 14K yellow gold] badge. It is stunning! Everything I hoped for. A real family heirloom. It will be worn with great pride. Thanks for a wonderful piece.

J. Davidson, Alpharetta, GA