Scottish and Irish Clan Badges
Handmade by The Company Jewelers

Kilt Pins - Plaid/Tartan Brooches

My basic Kilt pin or Plaid brooch consists of a  3” diameter hammered sterling disc with your clan badge mounted to its center. Price: $329.00.

More elaborate kilt pins can be made like the one shown below made for Mr. Greenshields. Prices quoted as per design. Contact Crest Badges to order yours.


plaid brooch

Armiger Plaid/Tartan Brooch

tartan brooch

Back of brooch

kilt pin

Clan Cooper Fly
Plaid Brooch

plaid brooches

Greenshields Brooch
with Emeralds

tartan pin

Leano Chiefs
Plaid Brooch

tartan kilt pin

Leano Clan Armiger
Plaid Brooch


Contact us now to create your custom designed plaid / tartan brooch.