Scottish and Irish Clan Badges
Handmade by The Company Jewelers

Badges of Rank for Scottish Clan Chiefs, Scottish Clan Chieftains and Scottish Clan Armigers

Chief of Clan badges with three feathers are $249.00. Chieftain badges with two feathers are $239.00 and Armiger badges with one feather are $229.00. Circlets measure 1.75 inches (43 mm) in diameter. Personal crest designs (basically, one-of-a-kind) will incur additional start-up costs (approx. $100) above the standard clan crests. Ask me about ameliorating these costs by ordering additional clansman badges. E-mail me your crest artwork and to discuss your order for your special Badge of Rank.

Chief of Clan
Three Feathers


Two Feathers

Scott Armiger

Single Feather

Badge of Rank - Clamsmen and Clanswomen

Clansmen &

Chiefs of Scottish Clans

Chiefs have the right to wear the accompaniment of circlet, motto or feathers behind the badge or, as is more usual, surrounded with a plain circlet inscribed with his motto or slogan. He does not wear the strap-and-buckle which is for clansmen. Chiefs also have the option of THREE eagle feathers in silver behind the circlet. If the Chief is also the a Peer of the Realm, he may correctly add his appropriate coronet of rank on top of the circlet, but this is a matter of personal choice.


Heads of large branches of a Clan and officially recognized as such by the Lord Lyon of Arms. Chieftans may wear either their own personal crest within a plain circlet inscribed with the motto, as for a chief, but with TWO small eagle's feathers instead of the Chief's THREE. If the Chieftan is also a Peer, he may add the appropriate coronet of rank on top of the circlet.


Persons who have registered their own coat of arms and crest, or have inherited these according to the Laws of Arms in Scotland from ancestors who had recorded them in the Lyon Register. An Armiger may wear his own crest as a badge either simpliciter, on its wreath, crest coronet or chapeau or as is more usual, within a plain circlet inscribed with his motto. An Armiger is entitled to ONE silver eagle's feather behind the circlet and if he is also a Peer, he may add his appropriate coronet of rank on the top of the circlet. An Armiger may also choose to wear the crest badge of his chief if the Armiger is a clansman.

Clansmen and Clanswomen

The chiefs relatives, including his own immediate family and even his eldest son, and ALL members of the extended family are called the "clan". In sum, all who pledge allegiance to that Chief and wish to demonstrate their association with that Clan. It is correct for these to wear their Chief's crest encircled with a Strap and Buckle bearing the Chief's motto or slogan. The strap and buckle is the sign of the clansman, and he or she demonstrates his or her membership in the Chief's clan by wearing the Chief's Crest within it.