Scottish and Irish Clan Badges
Handmade by The Company Jewelers

Custom Crest Badges

We can modify our stock crest badges to suit your own design ideas and uses. We also create personal crests and designs from scratch.

Email us a rendering or rough sketch of what you have in mind to request a free quote.

Examples of Modifications and Custom Work for Past Customers :

Greenshields Broach Clan Crest with Emeralds - custom

Special Brooch commissioned by Simon Greenshields features clansman badge surrounded by Celtic knot work and emeralds. Solid Sterling, 3” Diameter - $1495.
(Gems stones not included.)

McGrath badge

Personal Crest for McGrath

clan badge

This special pendant was made for the Scottish Highland Society and was presented to Cliff Robertson. It measured 3" across.

Clan Drummond on St. Andrews Cross

Clan Drummond crest badge on St. Andrews Cross

Duncan personal crest

Personal Crest for Duncan

Mills personal crest

Personal Crest for Mills

Badge mounted on sporan cantle.

Clan MacQuade Chiefs badge on St. Andrews Cross